How to Invoice Us

emailPDF Platform

Suppliers can send invoices via email as a PDF Attachment.

Invoicing Bayer via emailPDF is free and no prior registration is required.


To successfully send an invoice via email, please carefully follow all the requirements described below:
(Please note that aside from the emailPDF requirements below, you would still have to follow the general invoicing guidelines)


Find out more about Bayer's invoice requirements


A. Invoice Address


All PDF invoices have to be sent to the defined Email-address.
Use only the Bayer email address as the “main recipient”, all other recipients must be in the “cc” or “bcc”.
The system cannot read or process any text in the email.
The email address is only used for invoice reception. No communication is possible through this email!


Find out the invoicing email address to send invoices to Bayer


B. Invoice Format


  • Each Email should only contain one document. This guarantees that in case of an error only one invoice will be rejected and not all received. 
  • Each invoice must be attached as a separate PDF file. 
  • Additional or complementary documents related to the invoice should be attached/integrated in the same PDF file as the invoice.
  • Each PDF may only contain one invoice/credit note.
  • Total size of all PDF files in (1) email cannot exceed 15mb. 
  • PDF quality should be of 300 dpi resolution in black and white and a font size not less than 8pt, do not use grayscale.
  • The PDF should be system generated rather than a paper document that is scanned.
  • Invoices must not contain any macros or scripts. 
  • Handwritten invoices are not acceptable. 
  • A PDF invoice must contain all the information as required for paper invoices. PDF/A is the preferred format.
  • It is not allowed to send invoice in any other format than pure PDF, this includes especially the following:


  1. Zip container
  2. Image 
  3. Emails must be standard email without S/MIME encryption or S/MIME signature
  4. At least PDF version 1.4 or higher is needed


Upon the reception of your email, an acknowledgement email will be sent to your sender's email address. Either confirming the correct reception or, in case an error is detected, providing the needed instructions in order to resubmit your invoice(s).
To ensure that the acknowledgment email is received successfully, please do not use no-reply email addresses as senders.


Please note that suppliers sending non-compliant emails (no invoices included, incorrect formats, containing virus etc.) will be blocked and will no longer be able to send invoices.