Beware of Medical Counterfeits!

Protecting Patients Is a Priority for Bayer

Germany has a secure healthcare system. However, patients who buy online or abroad increasingly fall prey to counterfeit drug scams. Bayer is active in the fight against trade with illegal medicines. Counterfeit drugs are a global threat. Worst case, such fakes can endanger the health of unsuspecting users or even be life-threatening.

Eine Apothekerin berät eine Patientin.

On this page you will find information about how to protect yourself from fake medicines.

Warning about counterfeiting in the legal distribution chain:

Xarelto® 20 mg film-coated tablets in pack size N2 (28 tablets), lot BXHVHC3 in the Polish-Slovak style, are most likely counterfeit. If you have such a package, please contact us immediately.

How May we Help you?

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General Information

Beware of Counterfeits

Eine Frau trinkt einen Kaffee.

We want to protect you from counterfeit medicines. Subsequent flyers give you practical and useful information on how to distinguish the original from the counterfeit.

How we fight counterfeits