Beware of Medical Counterfeits!

Protecting Patients Is a Priority for Bayer

Germany has a secure healthcare system. However, patients who buy online or abroad increasingly fall prey to counterfeit drug scams. Bayer is active in the fight against trade with illegal medicines. Counterfeit drugs are a global threat. Worst case, such fakes can endanger the health of unsuspecting users or even be life-threatening.




On this page you will find information about how to protect yourself from fake medicines.


Warning in the context of the coronavirus pandemic

The pandemic due to the new corona virus entails new risk concerning the individual medicinal products supply.

Criminals might exploit this specific situation and use people’s fears for their advantage. This may lead e.g. to offers of potential falsified medicines and medical products by using unregistered supply channels and unauthorized vendors.

Beware of falsified medicines especially in the Internet!
Purchase your medication exclusively in the legal supply chain and following appropriate advice provided by your doctor or pharmacist and eventually based on a prescription.

Warning about falsified medicine in the official legal distribution chain from Mexican Health Authority, COFEPRIS:

The Mexican Health Authority, COFEPRIS, issued a warning (link, Spanish language only) of falsified  Xarelto® 20 mg film-coated tablets in the genuine pack size of 28 tablets.

Affected by the falsifications are packages with lot BXJG6V2, BXJG6V3 manufactured for Mexico.

The falsifications however, only contain 14 tablets.

Furthermore a plastic bottles labelled with Xarelto® 20 mg, 100 tablets, lot 765289 is in scope of the warning.

There is neither such bottle registered by Bayer for the Mexican market nor Bayer has manufactured such a bottle  for Mexico.

If you have any of such a package, please contact us immediately.


How to confirm a genuine Xarelto package is explained in the corresponding flyer, to be found below on this webpage (link).

Brochures and Flyers 

Beware of Counterfeits



We want to protect you from counterfeit medicines. Subsequent flyers give you practical and useful information on how to distinguish the original from the counterfeit.

Flyer "How to protect yourself" (PDF, 348 KB)