Why Do We Use Animal Studies?

At Bayer we invest many years of research to support a healthy life for patients and animals alike. Animal studies are an important and legally required part of this research. In recent years, alternative methods to replace and supplement animal studies have greatly improved. However, it is not yet possible in most cases to develop and test new medicinal products for treatment of both humans and animals without any animal studies.



Animal studies are needed to simulate how the human body will react to a new substance – they are scientifically required. Important medical breakthroughs could not have been developed without animal studies. Also, regulatory authorities require new substances to be tested on animals so they can be proven safe and effective. That does not stop us from actively researching alternative methods to animal studies and replacing them wherever possible.

In most cases, yes. Based on sequenced genomes and biochemical insights, scientists can usually draw significant conclusions on the effects – both intended and possibly adverse – a drug might have in the human body based on animal studies