Food Journey

From Farm to Fork

Food Journey

Pursuing new innovations to increase global food security 

It will take new approaches and ideas in agriculture to address evolving challenges like global hunger, malnutrition and food insecurity. Now more than ever, the instability of the global food system and the rising food costs that accompany it are making matters worse, especially for those who already experience food insecurity. That’s why Bayer is committed to developing solutions across the entire food journey to help build a more sustainable and resilient global food system for everyone. 


Seeds that are bred to maximize harvest productivity. Digital tools that analyze field data to help farmers make more informed decisions. State-of-the-art sensor systems that optimize food shipments and distributions. Fertilizers and crop protection solutions that support crops without adversely impacting the environment. These are only a few of the many innovations we provide to help ensure that more people around the world have access to enough food.

Ship accepting grain

Building a Better Food System

Every day, countless people around the world are exploring new possibilities to improve the food journey from start to finish. See how we’re pursuing innovations in the lab, on the farm and across the entire supply chain.